Zambia – High-level dissemination workshop


Zambia officially joined PARM in July 2017. The joint process led to the implementation of three activities – a capacity development training (CD1) on ARM, a knowledge sharing event, and feasibility studies on two ARM tools. To mark the end of the process, a high-level dissemination workshop was organized on the 2nd of April 2019. The workshop aimed to disseminate the results of the two feasibility studies and to solicit the support of the Government, technical and financial partners for implementing the identified ARM tools. It brought together about 75 participants from the Ministries (of Agriculture and Finance), international development agencies as well as the private sector, farmer organizations, research institutions, civil society organizations.


Read the report for key outcomes of the workshop.

Conducted by:
Nalishebo Meebelo
In collaboration with:

The Ministry of Agriculture Republic of Zambia

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PARM (2019) Zambia – High-level dissemination workshop. PARM/IFAD: Rome, Italy.