Zambia – Final Report


Zambia officially became a PARM-focused country in June 2016, following an official request made through Zambia’s Ministry of Finance. The process made it possible for PARM and its partners including the Ministry of Agriculture and World Bank to provide technical support to strengthen capacities of the different actors, development ARM tools investment proposal as well as policy dialogue to facilitate the integration of ARM into policies.


This report presents the main outcomes of the joint process. It is structured into 4 sections: (i) summary of the main achievements, the process timeline and the expectation moving forward on ARM in Zambia; (ii) outcomes from the country-level risk assessment and prioritization conducted by the World Bank, which has been integrated into PARM process; (iii) outcomes from the feasibility studies on ARM tools for investment; and (iv) capacity development and knowledge-sharing on ARM in Zambia.

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