Zambia – Capacity Development (CD 1) Seminar


On the 28-29th June 2018, PARM and its partners organized the first capacity development seminar on agricultural risk management in Zambia. The seminar aimed at increasing stakeholders’ capacity to analyze risk, identify and understand robust and holistic risk management options. It welcomed diverse stakeholders including officials from government agencies, the private sector, international development organizations, research institutions and farmer groups.


Read this report for the key points from the workshop.

Conducted by:
Nalishebo Mebeelo
Ilaria Tedesco
In collaboration with:

Ministry of Agriculture

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PARM (2018) “Zambia – Capacity Development (CD 1) Seminar “. A workshop report prepared by Nalishebo Mebeelo & Ilaria Tedesco for the PARM Team, Rome, Italy.…ent-cd-1-seminar/