Feasibility for investment to enhance the Zambian warehouse receipt system and aligning the food reserve agency’s strategic plans to the system


Warehouse receipt system (WRS) as a risk management tool has great potentials to address market-related risks within the agricultural sector by reducing price volatility, increasing access to finance and incomes among value chain actors, and reducing counterparty risks and volatilities. This feasibility study investigates the operational capacities of the regulated WRS in Zambia to improve market and financial access, liquidity, and credibility in the agricultural sector commodity markets. It draws on literature reviews from existing frameworks and operations of the Zambian Food Reserve Agency (FRA). The study also identifies opportunities and constraints as well as commodities with the greatest potential for development, and recommendations for improvement in the WRS for risk management in Zambia.

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PARM (2019). Feasibility for investment to enhance the Zambian warehouse receipt system and aligning the food reserve agency’s strategic plans to the system (by IAPRI). Rome: PARM/IFAD. Available at: