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The PARM Process started in Burkina Faso in 2019 after the Government expressed its interest in adopting PARM’s methodology for agricultural risk management.

Parm Phases Status

Setting Up
Risk Assessment
Policy Dialogue
Follow Up

Country Updates

PARM finished the first “Set-up phase” of the PARM Country Process, and officially launched its risk assessment phase. It started with the “Ministère de l’Agriculture, et des Aménagements Hydrauliques, et de la mécanisation”, validating the ToRs for the risk assessment study (RAS). The consultant group (a consortium headed by IRAM with CIRAD and IPAR) to undertake this study was recruited through IFAD procurement procedures, and the study has been officially launched.

Furthermore, the inception report of the RAS was presented virtually to the government of Burkina Faso on April 22, 2021, during the inception meeting with the technical advisory committee, including the MAAHM. The meeting registered the participation of over 10 public institutions, which shows a high interest and strong ownership of the RAS. The latter is a pillar of the PARM Country Process and will identify and prioritize the main risks affecting the country’s agricultural sector as a whole (including livestock and fisheries) using a holistic approach and previous studies on the topic.

Country Policy Process Timeline

Setting Up