Our Team

Massimo Giovanola

Lead Technical Specialist

Jean-Claude Bidogeza

Technical Specialist

Carlos Arce

Lead Technical Advisor

Tristan Lecotty

Senior Technical Advisor

Desiree Zwanck

Senior Gender Expert

Dorcas Mayala Ntumba

KM, Communications and Partnership Specialist

Francesca Nugnes

Capacity Development Expert

Alessandra Esposito

Administrative Assistant

Tara James

Agriculture and Climate Insurance Specialist (INSURED Team)

Imaine Abada

Programme Analyst (INSURED Team)

Emily Coleman

Technical Specialist (INSURED Team)

Anaïs Petitjean

Community of Practice and Digital Media Analyst

Souadou Ba

Resources Mobilization and Project Design Analyst

Diata Bangali

Country Programme Analyst