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The PARM Process started in Tunisia in 2023 after the Government expressed its interest in adopting PARM’s methodology for Agricultural Risk Management (ARM).

PARM Phases Status (H2)

Country updates


In March 2023, PARM has engaged with the Government of Tunisia through General Directorate of Financing Investment and Professional Organizations (DGFIOP) of the Ministry of Agriculture, Hydraulic Resources and Fisheries (MARHP) to help the country identify and prioritize agricultural risks and set up instruments to mitigate the prioritized risks.


On 03 to 04 July 2023, PARM organized the first capacity development workshop to raise awareness of stakeholders on the importance of ARM. The objective of the mission was the implementation of the raising awareness workshop about the importance of Agricultural Risk Management (ARM) with a value chain perspective, as well as an introduction to the institutionalization of ARM. 52 participants, of which 26 women, attended the meeting.