Setting Up

Senegal: Re-launch of the PARM process


In Senegal, PARM organized a follow-up mission on 1-6 February 2016 to re-launch the PARM process and activities.

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In April 2015, a joint PARM-NEPAD mission marked the beginning of the PARM process in Senegal, with a presentation of PARM activities to relevant stakeholders and meetings with the Government. A road map was developed shortly after to guide the PARM process in the country, based on the knowledge gaps and needs of the government, and taking advantage of the existing Risk Assessment Study conducted by the World Bank in the country in 2014.

PARM organized a follow-up mission from 1-6 February 2016 to re-launch the process and activities of PARM in Senegal, building upon the priorities identified during the Setting-up Mission.

Main outcomes

The mission was successful in strengthening the links between PARM and relevant government officials working on Agricultural Risk Management, who expressed strong interest in the PARM process. The Terms of Reference for the Risk Assessment Study were  finalized and validated by the National Steering Committee, and the planning of the first Capacity Development Seminar to be held in Senegal in March progressed significantly. Moreover, a PARM country liaison officer was selected to coordinate PARM activities at the national level.

Next steps

Identification of experts to undertake the Risk Assessment Study has started, and the recruitment of a team of experts should take place in the coming months. Capacity development activities will start with a first Capacity Development Seminar planned in March, which will lead to the development of a Country Capacity Development Strategy.