Setting Up

Cameroon: Launch of PARM process


PARM jointly with IFAD organised its first visit to Cameroon to launch PARM setting-up process and mainstreaming PARM process with on-going activities and identifying potential synergies with national stakeholders

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The joint mission PARM/IFAD took place from 5-14 March in Yaounde with the objective to formalize the government commitment in order to launch PARM setting-up process in Cameroon.

The first and most relevant outcome of the mission was the official commitment to support PARM initiative expressed by the Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development (MoA). The commitment of the MoA was also confirmed by the nomination of the Comprehensive Africa Agriculture Development Programme (CAADP) focal point to support PARM process, also in charge of drafting PARM road map.

Different meetings with national and international stakeholders also took place with the objective to mainstream PARM process and identifying potential synergies to support PARM activities (studies and capacity development). A concrete example is the complementarities identified between PARM process and the ongoing value chains study carried out by the Institut de Recherches et d’Applications des Méthodes de développement (IRAM) under the MoA supervision and funded by Agence Française de Développement (AFD).