Setting Up

PARM presents its new process to Ethiopian partners


In view of the official launch of the second phase of PARM (2019-2024), the Platform organized a country mission from 21-25 October 2019.

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After a successful collaboration with Ethiopia, PARM is now ready to provide renewed support to the country. The Platform has undertaken an inception mission to present to the national and international stakeholders the new PARM process and collect information to identify potential areas of collaboration with existing or new programmes linked to agricultural risk management.

In addition to the support provided for the implementation of the Capacity Development feasibility study already validated by the Ministry of Agriculture (MoA) during the first phase of PARM, the possibility to identify new areas for investment on ARM tools were also discussed with the MoA and bilateral partners.

Advancing joint efforts

The mission allowed PARM to relaunch its activities in Ethiopia and set up a concrete collaboration with the MoA, in particular with the new State Ministry and the Director of the Extension Services. The following actions have been planned with the MoA:

  • Provide technical assistance for the revision of the feasibility study on the “Sustainable Investment Plan for Capacity Development in Agricultural Risk Management in Ethiopia” and its alignment with the national action plans and bilateral partners programmes/funding mechanisms;
  • Continue supporting the MoA, in particular the Extension Service Directorate, in mainstreaming ARM at national level through capacity development activities. In the short term providing ARM training in November and December 2019 as part of training under MOA’s flagship and key programs of Agricultural Growth Program (AGP) and Development Response to Displacement Impacts Project (DRDIP);
  • Identify new ARM tools and carry out ad hoc feasibility studies (rural finance, access to information), ensuring their alignment with the national action plans and the bilateral partner programmes/funding mechanisms;
  • Draft an Aide-Memoire followed by a partnership agreement with the MoA to define the timeline of PARM process in Ethiopia and related roles/responsibilities.
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