Setting Up

Senegal: launch of PARM process


A joint PARM-NEPAD first country visit in Senegal was undertaken from 13-19 April 2015 with the organisation of a one-day inception workshop. The mission represented the first step of PARM process in Senegal and to find synergies with the Risk Assessment Study (RAS) recently undertaken by the World Bank in March 2015.

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The main achievement of the mission is the informal commitment expressed by the Ministry of Agriculture, through the Secretary General, to include PARM into the national agenda. In order to identify the complementarities with the recent World Bank Agriculture Sector Risk Assessment (ASRA) (presented during the FARM-D Workshop in April), a multi-sector pool of experts coming from different Ministries and organizations has been established.

An official message confirming the commitment of the Government of Senegal including PARM road map will be sent by the MoA to PARM in May-June 2015.

As cross-cutting result of all inception missions, PARM concept and objectives have been mainstreamed in several occasions and contacts have been developed with UN Agencies (FAO-WFP), national bodies, private sector, research and academic institutes for future collaboration (studies and trainings carry out by PARM).