The Sahelian country is among the new bunch of four nations to undergo activities under PARM Horizon 2, which is planned for 2019-2024.

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Expanding ARM technical assistance

PARM has started its country process in Burkina Faso as part of its Horizon 2 operations. The Platform’s Secretariat conducted an inception mission in Ouagadougou from 11-14 November 2019. The mission aimed to present PARM to the most relevant Government counterpart in Burkina Faso, the Ministry of Agriculture (MAAH), and to local representatives of PARM’s key partners and established network of technical financial partners in the country. The mission also sought to meet and present PARM to new actors in the Country, such as NGOs and MFIs.

As a main outcome of the mission, the Government of Burkina Faso through the MAAH and partners have:

  • confirmed their interest in working with PARM and starting the (P)ARM process in Burkina Faso;
  • the MAAH started the process to set-up the PARM process, by designating a focal point, delegating representatives of the directors to keep them informed on the meetings;
  • agreed to draft an aide-mémoire summarizing the conclusions and outcomes of the mission, as well as the key steps of the PARM Process. It will confirm and make official Burkina Faso’s participation in the PARM process; this aide-mémoire will serve as a basis for the elaboration of a partnership agreement between MAAH and PARM/IFAD;
  • defined the key steps of the PARM process;
  • the financial and technical partners have expressed their readiness to contribute to the process and see concrete and fundable results.

The next steps revolve about formalizing the collaboration with the MAAH through an Aide-Mémoire followed by a formal partnership agreement PARM/IFAD/MAAH. This will allow starting the technical discussions with the national and institutional stakeholders active on the agricultural sector.

Ollivier Girard/CIFOR