Setting Up

Mozambique: Launch of the PARM process


On 7-11 March 2016, PARM conducted its first setting-up mission in Mozambique, to get the official commitment of the Government of Mozambique and to develop a road map to initiate the discussion on the integration of agricultural risk management (ARM) into national rural and agricultural strategic development policies, plans and budget.

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In 2014, the PARM team had the chance to meet with a representative of Mozambique in occasion of the annual FARM-D global meeting organized by the World Bank, to discuss about the importance of integrating agricultural risk management analysis into the national policy and investment plans.

As a risk assessment study has  been conducted in 2015 by the World Bank, PARM’s approach in Mozambique will focus on identifying knowledge gaps and needs of the government to propose complementary studies to obtain a comprehensive overview of agricultural risks in Mozambique.

The objectives of the setting-up mission conducted in February 2016 were to  meet with the most relevant national authorities active in Agricultural Risk Management in order to build partnership and start identifying potential priority areas on which to focus PARM’s work.

During this mission, PARM was able to meet with relevant officials from the Ministry of Agriculture, as well as with other relevant stakeholders from international organizations (WFP, FAO) and development partners (Agence française de développement – AfD, Delegation of the European Union, Italian Embassy), with the support of the IFAD country team.

Next steps

PARM will develop a road map for its work in Mozambique, in collaboration with the Ministry of Agriculture and NEPAD, to align the PARM process with the national agenda. A national capacity development plan will be developed over the year with one capacity development seminar planned for end 2016.