Senegal: The PGRAAD Project is now part of the national Priority Action Plan (PAP3)


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Another milestone achieved in Senegal as the Ministry Agriculture, Rural Equipment and Food Sovereignty (MAERSA) has integrated the “Projet de Gestion des Risques Agricoles pour une Agriculture Durable” (PGRAAD) developed with the support of PARM in the Priority Action Plan (PAP 3) of the Emerging Senegal Plan. PAP 3 is the new framework for the implementation of priority investments over the next five years (2024-2028).

This important new step is a continuation of the collaboration between PARM and the Government of Senegal through MAERSA, which begun in 2015 during PARM Horizon 1. PARM, in partnership with the IFAD Remittances Facility (FFR), has supported the Government of Senegal in the design of the agricultural risk management project for sustainable agriculture – PGRAAD, an investment project aimed at strengthening the country’s capacity in the management of agricultural risks, the achievement of food sovereignty and the strengthening of producers’ resilience to agricultural risks. On 28 September 2022, the MAERSA Secretary General and PARM have signed an aide-memoire highlighting the components of the PGRAAD’s project, for which the design document has been approved by the government in 2023.

By including the PGRAAD in PAP 3, the Government of Senegal will participate to the financing of the project activities.

Following that integration, the national technical committee on agricultural risk management organized a workshop from 21 to 24 August 2023, focusing on the development of an agricultural risk management action plan backed up by the PGRAAD. This workshop brought together representatives of sectoral ministries that are members of the national technical committee.