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IFAD at World Food Forum 2023: Join our side event with the IFAD Youth Network


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On the occasion of the World Food Forum, PARM and The IFAD Youth Network are co-organizing the side event “Youth4Youth: Harnessing Biodiversity’s Potential for Managing Climate Risks in Food Systems” which will be held at the FAO Headquarters (Philippine room)on 17 October at 17:00 CET. The event is hybrid and can be followed online through this link.

As the effects of climate change intensify along with a growing world population, it is crucial to transition towards sustainable and climate-sensitive food systems capable of meeting the needs of the current and future generations under unpredictable conditions; and enhancing the conservation and sustainable use of biodiversity in agriculture may be a way to do so.

Biodiversity plays a key role in maintaining healthy ecosystems and providing essential ecosystem services that build resilience against and reduce the risks from climate change. The power of biodiversity is immense, in fact, its conservation and sustainable use can be a tool to agricultural risk management, but the latter may be compromised because of the loss of biodiversity leading to ecosystem degradation.

To tackle this issue, young people represent the future of climate action. They are agents of change that can advocate for more action, transmit knowledge and be a driving force that shape a better future. Their initiatives and contribution along the value chain are crucial to protect our biodiversity and transition toward more sustainable and resilient food systems. In this context, PARM’s holistic approach and new methodology of risk analysis at each step of the value chain can strengthen the capacity of young entrepreneurs to mitigate agricultural risks and help build their own resilience.

Thus, the event will bring together young activists and leading experts to explore youth-led initiatives that support the conservation and sustainable use of biodiversity as an approach to agricultural risk management in light of building resilience to climate risks.

The event will also promote smallholder farmers through the PARMArtChallenge, an art exhibition that portrays the faces of our #FoodHeroes.

To participate online, you must register to the WFF 2023 Flagship Event and choose from the list of events: “YE07 – Harnessing biodiversity’s potential for managing climate risks in food systems”.



Mahoussi Simone Assocle, Biodiversity Specialist, IFAD

Paxina Chileshe, Regional Climate and Environment Specialist, IFAD

Francesca Nugnes, Capacity Development Expert, PARM/IFAD

Safietou Sy, Food Safety Risk Management Specialist

Genna Tesdall, Director of YPARD

Rodrigue Kaje, Coordinator Global Youth Biodiversity Network (GYBN) Rwanda Chapter

Brijlal Chaudhari, Founder Global Home for Indigenous Peoples (GH4IP)