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The Forum of Agricultural Risk Management in Development (FARM-D), hosted by PARM, has officially launched its new Community of Practice on December 1st, 2022: a global interactive space for exchanges and peer-to-peer support on Agricultural Risk Management (ARM), that brings together practitioners to share knowledge and advocate best practices for ARM in developing countries.

The Community is a unique platform designed for ARM practitioners to:

  • SHARE ARM-related knowledge and expertise;
  • LEARN on best and successful ARM practices that can be scaled up;
  • CONNECT with the global Community of experts passionate about ARM;
  • PROMOTE publications, researches, case studies, events and activities related to ARM.

Through a dedicated space and multiple tools for interaction, the platform aims to stimulate a dialogue among ARM practitioners and the flow of experiences and knowledge.

The new Community of Practice complements the activities of the website, a repository website counting thousands of resources and daily updates on ARM, including webinars, news, interviews with specialists and officials, etc.

Through this Community, PARM will further strengthen its unique role of knowledge broker engaging the global community of practice by stimulating awareness on ARM approaches and sharing experiences, available risk management tools, and impacts of ARM interventions.