Sustainable investment plan for agricultural risk management training in Liberia


This feasibility study presents a sustainable investment plan on capacity development for agricultural risk management (CD4ARM), which when implemented, will strengthen Liberia’s agricultural extension system to empower smallholder farmers with the knowledge to manage risks in their livelihoods. It is designed to enable farmers to identify, prioritize and holistically manage agricultural risks, using the best available ARM tools. 


Achieving this will boost agricultural productivity as well as resilience among smallholder farmers and increase their household income, thereby reducing rural poverty. This will also improve prospects of achieving the Government of Liberia (GOL)’s pro-poor growth and development objectives as the contribution of the sector to GDP rises. The study focuses on identifying the potential partners to develop, organize and deliver ARM training to extension services personnel, developing the ARM training curriculum and analyzing the cascading effect of training specific target groups.

Conducted by:
Natural Resources Institute (NRI) of the University of Greenwich, United Kingdom
In collaboration with:

Liberia’ Ministry of Agriculture (MoA)

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PARM (2019). Sustainable investment plan for agricultural risk management (ARM) training in Liberia – (by G.E., Onumah). Rome: PARM/IFAD. Available at: