Agricultural Risk Assessment Study in Liberia


Liberia is one of the Sub-Saharan African countries with a higher dependency on rainfed-agriculture. It is also characterized by diverse socio-economic and institutional vulnerabilities that expose the agricultural sector to a myriad of risks including weather, biological, infrastructural, market and policy-related.


This report presents a systematic assessment of risks affecting Liberia’s agricultural sector. It identifies the top five priority risks as: 1) high precipitation (floods); 2) post-harvest losses; 3) crop pest and diseases; 4) livestock pest and diseases; 5) price risk; and 6) political risk. Drawing on robust quantifications, stakeholder consultations and analysis, the report also provides regional and sub-sectorial analysis of these risks. It goes on to map the existing policies for risk management and recommends tools for further improvement in risk management mechanisms.

Conducted by:
Research Centre for the Management of Agricultural and Environmental Risks (CEIGRAM)
In collaboration with:

Ministry of Agriculture of Liberia

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PARM (2018). Agricultural Risk Assessment Study in Liberia (by CEIGRAM). Rome: PARM/IFAD.  Available at: