Assessing value chain risks to design agricultural risk management strategies

A practitioner’s toolkit

This toolkit was developed by a team led by Godefroy Grosjean, from the Alliance of Bioversity International and the International Center for Tropical Agriculture (CIAT) of the CGIAR. The content was developed by Marina Grunder with contributions from Andres Charry, Jane Girly Balanza, Victor Villa, Julian Ramirez, Harold Achicanoy, Alejandra Esquivel, Stéphanie Jaquet, Ana Maria Loboguerrero, Evan Girvetz and Godefroy Grosjean. 

The team would like to express a special appreciation to Carlos Arce, Ilaria Tedesco, Nikita Blanes, Karima Cherif, Massimo Giovanola from IFAD’s Platform for Agricultural Risk Management (PARM) for their contributions and discussions which were crucial for composing this toolkit. Their critical inputs shaped the methodologies and structure presented in this document. 

A special appreciation goes to the peer reviewers for their constructive and extensive comments which led to significant improvements in the document’s structure. The reviewers are Jesus Anton, Senior Economist at OECD, Sauli Hurri, Senior Regional Technical Specialist at IFAD, and Victor Afare-Sefa, Regional Director at the World Vegetable Center. 

The advice and contributions of Katrina Brandon and Megan Mayzelle were instrumental to the readability and structure of the toolkit. 

The funding for this activity was provided by PARM. 

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