A holistic approach to agricultural risk management for resilience


The agricultural sector is subject to a larger number of risks: not only to the ones faced by businesses but also to all the risks associated in working with the organic and living material, such as seeds, livestock and fresh produce, and their biological processes. Agricultural risk management (ARM) aims at protecting agricultural businesses, farmers, and countries from the potential losses incurred due to unpredictable events, becoming also as a means to boost the resilience at different levels.


PARM has identified elements/pillars of an ARM-proof agricultural/rural project through a participatory engagement with stakeholders in a knowledge sharing event. These elements/pillars ultimately translate to mitigate negative shocks and boost resilience. At the same time, understanding resilience can contribute to building more grounded ARM strategies.

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Ilaria Tedesco
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PARM (2018). A holistic approach to agricultural risk management for resilience (by I. Tedesco). PARM Working Paper #5. Rome: PARM/IFAD. Available at: http://p4arm.org/document/a-holistic-approach-to-agricultural-risk-management-for-resilience