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PARM has launched its process in Tunisia on 13 March 2023, by an engagement meeting with the Government of Tunisia through the General Directorate of Financing Investment and Professional Organizations (DGFIOP) of the Ministry of Agriculture, Hydraulic Resources and Fisheries (MARHP). The launch of the PARM process has been officially ratified by both parties on 11 April 2023 ensuring the debut of PARM’s technical assistance in the country, as the result of a series of meetings with technical and financial partners as well as private investors based in Tunisia including among others WB, FAO,  EU, IFAD, UNDP, AICS, EBRD, GAT Insurance, AFDB and AFD.

Tunisia is facing multiple agricultural risks including drought which has dried up Tunisian reservoirs for 4 consecutive years, threatening harvests that are critical to the country’s economy. PARM holistic approach of Agricultural Risk Management (ARM) will help the country identify and prioritize agricultural risks and set up instruments to mitigate the prioritized risks. The first phase of PARM intervention will be to evaluate the agricultural risks that Tunisia is facing through a quantitative and qualitative risk assessment study using a holistic and participative methodology with a value chain approach meant to strengthen the country’s resilience, in particular to climate change and natural risks.

In July 2023, PARM will organize the first capacity development workshop to raise awareness of stakeholders on the importance of ARM.