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Niger: Re-launch of PARM process


The PARM Team jointly with NEPAD organised a mission to Niger to follow-up on the PARM/NEPAD, WB and FAO Workshop to build synergies and re-launch activities in the country

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The joint PARM/NEPAD mission to Niger from 15 to 18 December 2014 was following up from the PARM, World Bank (WB)NEPAD and FAO Workshop that took place in June 2014. The outcome of the workshop was the approval of the Plan d’Action pour la Gestion des risques Agricoles au Niger (PAGRA), now entering in a phase of development of specific proposals for its operationalization. During the discussions, the government with the support of PARM and NEPAD has identified gaps to be covered, in particular the focus on smallholders risk management with three specific risk management axes:

  • access to financial services and credit
  • access to markets
  • integrated/accessible information system

The Commissioner Mr. Allahouri Amadou from the Haut Commissariat à l’Initiative 3N (HC3N) received the PARM-NEPAD mission, which introduced the new PARM process and discussed potential synergies and complementarities with the ongoing World Bank and Government of Niger initiatives.

The HC3N expressed interest in aligning PARM support to the 2016-20 National Investment Plan formulation and with PAGRA, and agreed to elaborate a roadmap including PARM activities with the view of identifying tools for the next investment plan 2016-20.

Bilateral Meetings

The mission also had a first exchange with different country stakeholders such as Agrhymet, in particular to develop risk management capacity building and training modules which has been very encouraging and will lead to a Term of References that could be implemented by the different services providers.

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