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Senegal: PARM mission on institutionalization of high level ARM knowledge


From the 6 to 10 of March, PARM has conducted a mission in Senegal, to explore partnerships with Universities and research centres to develop and deliver an advanced ARM training course by July 2017, as part of the PARM Capacity Development Strategy.

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The mission was very successful in terms of interest shown by Universities, vocational training centres and ministerial. The aim is to create – after the first ARM training – a permanent ARM capacity to be institutionalized into academic programs and run on demand on MAER/ANCAR. In particular, Universities are keen to develop, organize and deliver the ARM course in partnership with PARM and positive feedback and appreciation have been received by MAER and MESR for the initiative to train extension service and agricultural practitioners.

The mission aimed as well to prepare the upcoming Dissemination workshop in July 2017, by carrying on a dialogue with development partners and national stakeholders. The the MoA-MAER and several development partners have expressed a keen interest in the three tools identified for the feasibility studies (access to information, use of remittances for ARM and Capacity development). The willingness to participate actively during the dissemination workshop was also expressed.

PARM Capacity Development Strategy

As part of the overall initiative, PARM supports capacity development (CD) activities oriented towards the understanding of the structure of agricultural risk management (ARM) cycle, considering the diversity of risk sources and risk management options, from agricultural practices to improved seeds, irrigation or financial tools.
CD activities on ARM aim to drive a sustainable institutional and behavioural change beyond conventional training approach. CD on ARM works towards empowering and strengthening endogenous capabilities of all the stakeholders involved in different way, from transfer of knowledge and expertise to strengthen national and local system to manage similar tasks for the future, to develop capacity to plan strategies and mainstream solutions in the national policy agenda.

CD Level 2: Institutionalization of high level ARM knowledge

The institutionalization of high level ARM knowledge aims at creating a pool of local ARM experts though an advanced training to timely advice and train farmers across the country on managing agricultural risks. The advanced ARM training is a one-week course that is planned to be incorporated into existing academic curricula


PARM Capacity Development Strategy – Summary Factsheet 2017