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PARM Working Paper #4 “Connecting the dots: the holistic approach to ARM as a way to contribute to the SDGs efforts”


March 2018 – PARM developed and published a working paper analyzing the two-way connection between the PARM initiative and the globally ambitiously adopted SDGs.

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The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) hold an ambitious promise “Transforming our World” by 2030. With its well-outlined 17 thematic goals and 169 related targets, the SDGs aim at guiding investments and ensuring that no-one is left behind in the pursuit of intra-and-inter-generational development. The broad range of objectives and the ambitious targets, which are to be reached in 15 years, call for the mobilization of stakeholders from the public and private sectors, as well as international and national actors all over the world.

The Platform for Agricultural Risk Management (PARM), on the other hand, is an outcome initiative of the G8 and G20 discussions on food security and agricultural growth. It has a global mandate to contribute to sustainable agricultural growth, boost rural investment, reduce food insecurity, and improve agricultural resilience to climate and market shocks. As such, it is active at the global, regional and national levels. PARM is currently active in 8 Sub-Saharan African countries where it engages with a broad range of stakeholder groups to strengthen agricultural risk management knowledge integration into policy planning and investment, to improve national stakeholders’ awareness and capacities to manage agricultural risks and to develop and share methodologies for risk analysis. These key strategic working areas of PARM are entry points for achieving the SDGs.

Read PARM Working Paper #3 as it discusses and finds answers to; 1) What are the linkages between the PARM initiative and the sustainable development goals? 2) How can PARM contribute to the achievement of the SDGs? 3) Can the SDGs strengthen ARM across the world?

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