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PARM, in close collaboration with the Ministry of Agriculture and Animal Resources of Burkina Faso (MARAH), organized a  workshop training of trainers on Agricultural Risk Management (ARM) in Ouagadougou, from 12 to 16 September 2022.

50 trainers including 24 women participated in the capacity development workshop which aimed at (i) raising awareness on ARM to enhance the understanding, assessment and prioritization of the ARM and related tools; (ii) outlining an action plan for the institutionalization of ARM into the curricula of universities and training centres as well as into the practices of Producers’ Organizations (POs), by incorporating a gender lens.

The workshop was intended for a wide range of training institutions/experts operating in the sector, such as universities, training centers, civil servants (from MARAH and other relevant ministries), and financial institutions (banks, microfinance institutions and insurance actors).
The training modules focused on (i) understanding the risk environment in agriculture; (ii) assessing risk in agriculture; (iii) agricultural risk management tools; and (iv) planning, implementing and evaluating ARM strategies.

The training was enriched by the opening remarks of Victor Bonogo, Secretary General of MARAH, as well as by interventions of experts from the Permanent Interstate Committee for Drought Control in the Sahel (Comité permanent Inter-Etats de Lutte contre la Sécheresse dans le Sahel –CILSS), Ecobank, the Peasant Confederation of Faso (Confédération Paysanne du Faso), SONAGESS (national agency for the management of production stocks) and Networks of rural women entrepreneurs (Réseaux des femmes entrepreneurs rurales – REPAFER) , among others.
Additionally, Mr. Celestin Poda presented IFAD activities, notably Africa Integrated Climate Risk Management programme strengthening the resilience of small producers to climate change and Igreenfin, a regional initiative to facilitate investments for adaptation and mitigation to #climate change.

The attending women and men actively contributed to the group activities. Each organization that participated in the workshop will develop its own action plan for the institutionalization of ARM with the purpose of ensuring a lasting positive impact of PARM training, by integrating ARM into the university curricula and practices for the private sector.

The workshop was organized in the framework of the ongoing PARM process in Burkina Faso and followed the successful cycle 1 of training for trainers, jointly organized in April 2022 by PARM and MARAH with relevant stakeholders.

PARM is continuously committed to capacity building and knowledge management activities in the target countries, as they are both instrumental to build the capacities and ownership by national stakeholders in the implementation of the ARM projects.