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PARM meets in Kampala for the 6th Africa Day for Food and Nutrition Security


The Platform for Agricultural Risk Management (PARM), with the strategic partnership of NEPAD, is working with the Government of Uganda and other partners to enhance risk management strategies that contribute to the food and nutrition security of Ugandans, in particular smallholder farmers.

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PARM joined the commemoration of the 6th Africa Day for Food and Nutrition Security (ADFNS) that took place from the 28th to the 30th October 2015 in Kampala to contribute to the occasion by sharing the experience of the platform in raising awareness and mainstreaming agricultural risk management (ARM) policies through CAADP processes in sub-Saharan Africa.

The topic of this year celebration “Empowering our women, securing our food, improving our nutrition” is very timely and well-focused. Many risks threaten the stable production, access and utilization of food by poor households, including natural risks such as droughts and floods, diseases of plants and animals, and volatility in the markets. Risk management consists on anticipating these risks, to be prepared with the appropriate strategies and tools, and to ensure that these shocks do not put nutrition at risk, nor deplete the physical and human capital of farmers. ARM is a key tool for ensuring resilience and preparedness in any food and nutrition security strategy and empowering women is known as one of the most effective food and nutrition risk management practice.

PARM actively participated in the ADFNS, leading a pre-event on Agricultural Risk Management on the 28th of October as part of the official programme. During the PARM pre-event on Wednesday 28th, the Risk Assessment Study on Uganda was launched. In addition, PARM hosted two side-meetings on the 27th to bring together the different PARM stratetic partners, country focal points and experts that are actively involved in PARM process and policies.

PARM contribution to Food and Nutrition Security in Africa and in Uganda

PARM, a G8-G20 initiative hosted by the International Fund for Agricultural development (IFAD), and funded by EC, AfD, Italy, IFAD, supports Governments on Agricultural Risk Management. The Platform works in partnership with NEPAD in eight African countries to mainstream risk management in the national agricultural policy and investment plans. Current work supports ARM assessment and policy process in Cabo Verde, Cameroon, Ethiopia, Liberia, Mozambique, Niger, Senegal, The Gambia and Uganda.

The Platform is engaging with the countries, experts and stakeholders in undertaking rigorous risk assessment studies and discussions in workshops. The objective is to raise awareness about agricultural risks and about the ARM tools that can contribute to improve the management of threats to food security and nutrition, and to facilitate the prioritization of activities and policies.

The PARM has worked with Uganda since its inception in late 2013, building on ARM work by NEPAD and FAO that began in 2011. A main milestone of ARM activities was the National Stakeholder Validation Workshop led by the Ugandan Ministry of Agriculture in collaboration with PARM/NEPAD and FAO. The Workshop took place in Kampala on the 29th-30th June and served to assess, discuss and prioritize the main agriculture risks affecting smallholders farmers in Uganda. A National Steering Committee Meeting followed to validate the workshop outcomes and develop a road map. An Agricultural Risk Management Capacity Development Seminar took also place in Kampala in early July with the participation of national stakeholders (farmers, extension services and, private sector) in collaboration with the MoA and NEPAD.

As an outcome of this process in Uganda two main risks were prioritized: price risk and pest and diseases. Among the priority areas of investment on ARM two cross cutting interventions have been identified: information systems and capacity development. These are aligned with priorities already identified in other countries and are main investment areas for the Platform.

PARM participation in the ADFNS and side events in Kampala

Participation in the official programme (open access to all participants)

  • Day 1: Wednesday 28th October 2015, 12:15-13:00. Pre-event #5: “Leveraging Food and Nutrition Security through Agricultural Risk Management”. PARM presented the study in collaboration with NEPAD and the experts that led the research.

PARM side events (closed meetings, invitation only)

  • Side Event #1 on ARM process in Uganda. Thursday 29th October, 14:00-18:00 “Moving forward from risk assessment to specific ARM tools”. In collaboration with the Government of Uganda and with the participation of strategic partners.
  • Side Event #2 on ARM process across PARM countries. Tuesday 27th October 2015, 14:30-17:45. “Challenges and synergies of agricultural risk assessment processes in PARM countries”. With the participation of PARM/CAADP focal points in PARM countries.