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PARM is now online: “Managing risks to improve farmers’ livelihoods”


Welcome to our new website! We are pleased to give you some insights on "who we are" and how this online platform could be useful for sharing knowledge on agricultural risk management

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Let’s start with the PARM programme.

Who We Are

The Platform for Agricultural Risk Management (PARM) is a partnership between the European Commission (EC), the French Development Agency (AFD), the Italian Development Cooperation (DGCS), the International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD), NEPAD and the development partners, designed to make risk management an integral part of policy planning and implementation in the agricultural sector.

The Platform functions as a knowledge broker that facilitates the access to and exchange of knowledge, as well as its generation, in the domain of agricultural risk management.

Its mandate is also to strengthen agricultural risk management through knowledge sharing and capacity building activities to improve the human capital of all the stakeholders that can contribute to a better agricultural risk management system, in particular, vulnerable rural households.

The PARM process is designed in a flexible way to respond to country context and to the corresponding policy and political processes. PARM Initial focus is on nine African countries, but there are plans to expand geographical reach further.

PARM is governed by a Steering Committee, an Advisory Committee and the PARM Secretariat, hosted in IFAD Headquarters in Rome. These bodies ensure that PARM activities respond to its founding objectives and deliver good quality and neutral assistance

Our Website

Let’s now have a glimpse on the PARM website: our main goal is to keep you informed of our work in the different countries and to share news and updates on agricultural risk management related activities and events.

You can choose to navigate the website horizontally (through the main menu at the top) or vertically, scrolling-down on the Homepage you will be able to have a glimpse of all main features content of the website.

Let’s go through the main features:


Firstly, after your first experience you will learn how to get used to the PARM process which consists in 5 phases associated to a color:

  1. Setting Up (blue)
  2. Risk Assessment (yellow)
  3. Policy Dialogue (green)
  4. Follow Up (red)
  5. Implementation (brown)



You will find these colors associated to different content on the website in order to show you always at which stage we are in each country and at which process phase the documentation or the activity is related.

On the Homepage you will find a map that shows the selected countries where we are working. Move your mouse over the highlighted countries and a pop-up with the country detail and phase status will appear. By clicking on the country name you will be redirected to the specific Country page where you can find the full details on the PARM process status.


Parm Map

The country map with its phase legenda, hoover over the map in order to see the country tool tip, click to go to the selected country page.


The PARM process needs to respond to each country context and in the country specific page the important steps and milestones will be tracked following the difference phases. You will find a brief summary for each step and downloadable related documentation, such as:

  • factsheets
  • annual reports
  • studies
  • pubblications
  • documents & reports



If you are looking in general for documents and pubblications, you may use as well our library.

You can filter by:

  • document type
  • country
  • title

PARM Library: you can look for documents and publication by filtering document type, country or title.

It is now your turn to continuing exploring our website, hoping that it can be useful for you to get on track of what is happening in PARM and in the agricultural risk management sector.

This website is also designed in a responsive way so that you can easily access it from your smartphone and tablet.



Give it a try and come back to us with feedback if you want.

The PARM Team