Food Heroes Exhibition at IFAD Headquarters


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As part of the celebration of the World Food Day and International Rural Women’s Day 2023, PARM has organised, from 16 to 20 October 2023, the PARM Art Exhibition – FOOD HEROES in IFAD headquarters.

IFAD staff and external visitors had a chance to admire the wonderful artworks that adorned the IFAD atrium for a week. The exhibition took everyone through the original pictures and their respective transformation into artworks displayed side by side, as well as the challenge teaser video projected on the lobby’s big screen. Visitors were also able to step by the stand set up for the occasion to get more information about the challenge and meet the PARM photographer, Carlos Tomas Lora Acosta whose original photos were transformed by the artists into artworks, as well as Dorcas Mayala Ntumba, the KM, Communications and Partnership Specialist of PARM and Anaïs Petitjean, the FARM-D and Digital Communication Analyst of PARM. The exhibition aroused admiration and positive warm feedback from visitors and generated lively exchanges with the PARM team.


Click here to experience or relive the exhibition.