Uganda – Information Systems for Agricultural Risk Management


Post-harvest losses and crop pests and diseases are some of the major agricultural sector risks in Uganda. To address these risks and improve agricultural livelihoods, information is thus key. Information is required to facilitate farmers’ production and marketing decisions and to manage the corresponding risks.


As part of efforts to integrate risk management knowledge into developing countries’ policy agenda, IFAD/PARM developed 8-series policy brief on IS-ARM. This policy brief presents key highlights for the context of Uganda. It provides a snapshot of the existing information systems and information sources, weighs the strengths and weaknesses, and provides recommendations for further action.

Conducted by:
Balikisu Osman
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PARM (2016). Uganda – Information Systems for Agricultural Risk Management (by B. Osman). PARM Policy Brief #1. Rome: PARM/IFAD. Available at: