Uganda – Agricultural Risk Assessment Study Validation Workshop


The first substantial phase of the PARM process, which is the risk assessment phase is built on a Risk Assessment Study (RAS) that is discussed in a national ARM stakeholders’ workshop. Stakeholders’ consultations on the RAS lead to the identification of the main ARM priorities in a roadmap, including capacity building support to improve local awareness and knowledge.


On the 29th and 30th of June 2015, PARM partnered with the Uganda Ministry of Agriculture, NEPAD and FAO to organized a National Stakeholder Workshop in Kampala. This report presents the workshop agenda, a summary of the discussions and outcomes. By the end of the workshop, the stakeholders finalized the key agricultural risks for Uganda as; price risks, crops and livestock pest and diseases, input risks, droughts and post-harvest losses. Two major interventions were identified for ARM in Uganda; innovative information systems and ARM capacity development. Moving forward, the stakeholders approved proposals for feasibility studies and regional capacity development through the East African Community.

Conducted by:
Linda Kabakaali and Douglas Nyombi
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PARM (2015) “Uganda – Agricultural Risk Assessment Study Validation Workshop, Vol. I & II“. Report prepared by Linda Kabakaali and Douglas Nyombi for PARM.…idation-workshop/