Sénégal – High-level Policy Dissemination Workshop


PARM Process in Senegal is generating ARM knowledge through risk assessment studies, capacity building activities and feasibility studies. These efforts aim to enhance ARM mainstreaming into policies.


Following the finalisation of separate feasibility studies for two identified ARM tools – remittances and information system – a national stakeholders’ workshop was organised in Dakar on July 6th 2017 to share the results of the study. The workshop also aimed for stakeholders to dialogue on possible mechanisms to invest and integrate the two identified ARM tools into relevant policy frameworks. This report presents the main discussions and outcomes of the workshop. It also compiles the key presentations delivered at the workshop.

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Ministère de l’Agriculture et de l’Equipement Rural (MAER)

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PARM (2017) “Sénégal – High-level Policy Dialogue Workshop“. Main report and presentations put together by the PARM team , Rome: Italy.