Senegal – Agricultural Risk Assessment Study Validation Workshop


The first substantial phase of the PARM process, which is the risk assessment phase is built on a Risk Assessment Study (RAS) that is discussed in a national ARM stakeholders’ workshop. This report presents the outcomes of the National Stakeholder Workshop held on 28-30th June 2016 in Dakar, Senegal.


The PARM RAS in Senegal focused on fisheries and livestock sub-sectors to complement the World Bank study in 2014. The objective of the workshop is to inform stakeholders about the holistic approach to ARM proposed by PARM-NEPAD, present and validate the results of the PARM RAS and make recommendations. By the end of the workshop, the stakeholders identified IUU fishing, water pollution, locust, livestock diseases and health risks as some of the priority risk in Senegalese agricultural sector. Moving forward, stakeholders confirmed the RAS should be finalized and findings disseminated through awareness campaigns and integrated into policy agenda.

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PARM (2016) “Senegal – Agricultural Risk Assessment Study Validation Workshop, Vol. I & II“. Report prepared by the PARM team.…idation-workshop/