PARM Annual Report 2016


The year 2016 was a strategic year for PARM as it reached the mid-term. As such, the year marked the milestone for learning from experiences and progressing at full speed in the subsequent years. This Annual Report for 2016 presents the activities and progress so far as well as the expectation and plans for the years ahead.


Overall, in 2016, PARM deepened its partnership with the Steering and Advisory Committees. The Platform participated in ARM events organised by the EU, KfW, World Bank, 3iE and ARC. Also, PARM’s activities at the country level accelerated collaboration between the Government of Uganda and relevant ARM stakeholders leading to a successful final dissemination workshop at end of 2016. Read this report for more information on PARM’s achievements in 2016.

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PARM (2017) “PARM Annual Report 2016“. Put together by the PARM Team, IFAD Headquarters, Rome Italy.