World Bank’s Consultative Stakeholders’ Workshop in Senegal

Mitigating Agriculture Risks and Strengthening Climate Resilience

In March 2015, the World Bank’s Agriculture Risk Management Team, in collaboration with the Senegal Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Equipment, the Ministry of Livestock and Animal Production, and the Senegalese Institute of Agricultural Research conducted a joint field mission to identify optimal pathways to improved climate resilience for the agricultural sector. At the end of the field mission, a consultative stakeholders’ workshop was organized to present and discuss priority interventions, solicit feedback, and outline a strategic framework for improved risk mitigation.


The presentations at the workshop mainly focused on the topics of strengthening resilience to climate change, early warning and response to crises, promoting water and land management, and interventions to improve pastoral resources management. Read each of the presentations for detailed information.

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World Bank (2015) “Evaluation of agricultural sector risks in Senegal” Phase II – Workshop Presentation 1-4. World Bank ASRA, Senegal.