Ethiopia – Agricultural Risk Assessment Study Validation Workshop


On the 16th and 17th day of December 2015, PARM partnered with ATA and NEPAD to organized a National Stakeholder Workshop in Addis Ababa to present and discuss the preliminary findings from the RAS for Ethiopia. This report presents the workshop agenda, a summary of the discussions and the outcomes.


By the end of the workshop, the stakeholders finalized the prioritized agricultural risks identified for Ethiopia as including climate change-induced weather risks, crop and livestock pests and diseases, price and market risks, land degradation, international trade and policy and institutional arrangements. Stakeholders also identified and discussed relevant needs to consider diverse financial services, downstream contracts and commodity exchange and innovative information systems for agricultural risk management. Moving forward, the workshop recommended finalization of the RAS and the study on information systems, and a regional stakeholder consultation for broad alignment on intervention areas.

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Kiflu Segu
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PARM (2015) “Ethiopia – Agricultural Risk Assessment Study Validation Workshop Vol. I & II” A report prepared by Kiflu Segu for PARM.…idation-workshop/