Cameroon – High-Level Policy Dissemination Workshop


Pursuant to the findings from investigative studies, PARM and its partners identified warrantage schemes and information systems as key transversal holistic tools for ARM in Cameroon.


A feasibility study on information connected to community warrantage network in Cameroon was therefore finalised and a workshop was organised in Yaounde on the 7th December 2017 to disseminate the final results. The workshop was also an opportunity for stakeholders to dialogue for possible investment mechanisms into the Warrantage activities for ARM in Cameroon. This report presents the outcomes and presentations delivered at the workshop.

Conducted by:
M. NKOM Albert William
M. BELLA Victor Joseph
Date of publication:
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PARM (2017) “Cameroon High-level Policy Dissemination Workshop”. Main report and presentations prepared by M. NKOM Albert William & M. BELLA Victor Joseph for the PARM/IFAD: Rome, IFAD.