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Cabo Verde: High Level Dissemination ARM Workshop & CD3 Training


PARM, in collaboration with the Ministry of Agriculture and the Environment and NEPAD, organized the High Level Policy Dissemination Workshop in Praia, Cabo Verde on May 10th 2018. The objective was to discuss and share the results of the PARM Process with the Cape Verdean authorities, and to the bilateral technical and financial partners, as well as the main stakeholders.

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The main objective was to discuss and present the results of the feasibility study on the strengthening of the cooperative system to better connect them to the private and public markets with the Cape Verdean authorities and representatives. The  workshop aimed as well to obtain feedback from experts and national and international stakeholders and raise awareness about Agriculture Risk Management (ARM) policies and tools.

A day-long training (CD3) before the workshop, facilitated by the two international consultants (Richard Amoussou and Riccardo Capocchini) who lead the PARM feasibility study, trained key stakeholders on the tools proposed in the study. The training sought to better prepare participants and deepen their understanding of the  tools for ARM proposed in the study. This workshop and the training represent an important milestone for PARM process in Cabo Verde.

The feasibility study results, the discussions and presentations by the different actors, raised awareness and understanding and interest in ARM and the implementation of ARM aware policies, which are widely understood as primordial for Cabo Verde’s successful agricultural development.