The Platform for Agricultural Risk Management (PARM) has released a four-volume learning resource on "Managing risk at the farm level" as part of its effort to build capacities on ARM in developing countries.

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PARM Capacity Development (CD) is articulated at 3 levels with the aim of improving stakeholders’ knowledge on agricultural risks and increasing management capacities. As part of its CD efforts, PARM developed four-volume learning resources to support its CD activity level 1 (CD1) activity, which is a 2-day seminar that targets farmers and government officers to raise awareness and provide basic knowledge on agricultural risk management (ARM).

The four-volume resources are Manual, Handbook, Guidelines and Slides. Each focuses on the definition of risk, different sources/types of risk, risk assessment, holistic approach, levels of responsibility, and an overview of risk management tools, strategies and M&E activities.

The Manual is a reference book for trainers of ARM courses. It provides the basic theoretical framework needed to deliver ARM knowledge to farmers. Along with the Manual, trainers can use the Guidelines which provide hints and tips for a successful learning activity adapted to the local context.

The Handbook targets the participants of such courses providing a more visual representation of ARM key concepts and examples. The Slides are additional reference materials for both trainers and trainees. They contain the basic framework for notes taking and for delivering presentations.

Each of these materials can be used for similar ARM training at the country level, delivered for example by extension workers or practitioners in the field of agriculture to farmers.

Download each resource here – Manual, Handbook, Guidelines, and Slides.


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