October 25-26, 2018, Lusaka Zambia – the Platform for Agricultural Risk Management (PARM) participated in the COMESA/World Bank organized forum on climate adaptation and food systems resilience in the Eastern and Southern Africa.

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The 2-day forum provided a platform for high-level policymakers from across the Eastern and Southern Africa region to share their experiences and lessons learned in preparing for and responding to the 2015-16 El-Nino event. The Forum also highlighted the need for more evidence-driven “no regrets” policies and investment strategies for strengthening the climate resilience of agricultural systems and food security in the region.

As a key strategic partner for agricultural risk management and food security in the region, PARM was invited to present its approach to risk management in relation to climate resilience. PARM was represented by the IFAD Country Programme Officer, Mr Dick Siame who actively participated on the Day 1 of the event, which focused on climate risk and implications, and aimed to understand: 1) how agriculture value chains and food systems are affected by weather-induced shocks; 2) what the future holds under climatic scenarios; and 3) what implications exist for household welfare, regional food security, and poverty reduction?

Mr Siame was a panelists on a session that discussed innovative approaches to mitigating production risks at the farm level. His presentation deliberated on PARM’s holistic approach to risk management for resilience, instruments for managing climate-related risks in agricultural systems, the crucial role of capacity development and information for early warning systems (EWS), as well as PARM’s on-going feasibility studies on information systems connected to EWS in Zambia.

PARM was pleased to see stakeholders from its focused countries discussing and sharing ideas on climate risk and management tools for the agricultural sector and food security.

PARM looks forward to continued active participation in future regional activities and events.

Please refer to the COMESA event webpage for more information on the key points and outcomes that emanated from the forum.