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PARM Capacity Development regional event at ANDE West Africa conference in Ghana: PARM participates in a 100% women panel


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From 19 to 20 July, PARM will take part in the ANDE (Aspen Network of Development Entrepreneurs) conference in Ghana. The conference will focus on entrepreneurship development to fight global poverty and it will consist of three sessions: gender equality, environment & climate action, digitalization.

PARM will attend two sessions: the gender session in collaboration with IFAD Ghana, and the Environment and Climate action session in collaboration with the Ministry of Agriculture of Burkina Faso and a training center from Senegal.

The purpose for PARM to participate at the ANDE conference is to promote CD at regional level, mainstream gender as an ARM tool and highlight how ARM can support Climate action.

PARM will also offer a capacity development workshop to IFAD Ghana on the 18th of July.

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