Warehouse Receipt System in Senegal

Making progress in market, finance and post-harvest risks management

In Senegal, different forms of Warehouse Receipt Systems (WRS) financing have been practiced since the 1990s. This policy brief provides an overview of the agricultural sector risks in Senegal, the types of WRS that have existed over the years, the specific contributions to agricultural risk management, and recommendations for further actions.


The brief indicates that the three major forms of warehouse systems experimented in Senegal are; community inventory credit, third-party, and hybrid.  While these systems are contributive to improving commodity storage, input supply, access to finance and better output prices, their implementation is hampered by the limited regulation and non-negotiability of receipts. For enhanced benefits of WRS in Senegal, the brief recommends for the enactment of regulations, increase capacity of financial institutions and collateral managers, and sufficient support from donors.

Conducted by:
Balikisu Osman
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PARM (2016). Warehouse Receipt System in Senegal: Making progress in market, finance and post-harvest risks management (by B. Osman). PARM Policy Brief #11. Rome: PARM/IFAD. Available at: http://p4arm.org/document/uploads-senegal_wrs_policy-brief