Niger – Information Systems for Agricultural Risk Management


Evidence suggests that Niger experiences high levels of agricultural production-related damages induced by floods, drought, epidemics, and storms. An enhanced access and utilisation of related Information is critical in improving agricultural livelihoods and resilience. As part of efforts to assist stakeholders in integrating risk management knowledge their strategic agenda, IFAD/PARM developed 8-series policy brief on IS-ARM.


This policy brief presents a snapshot of the existing information systems in Niger. It weighs the pros and cons, and provides recommendations for further actions. The brief indicates that agricultural risk related information in Niger can be sourced from national systems. However, there is restricted access for farmers due to poorly developed communication channels. Thus, the brief recommends, a strong coordination between the national information systems and an improvement in communication and early warning systems.

Conducted by:
Balikisu Osman
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PARM (2016). Niger – Information Systems for Agricultural Risk Management (by B. Osman). PARM Policy Brief #4. Rome: PARM/IFAD. Available at: