Ethiopia Agricultural Risk Profile


Drawing on easily available information, this country-risk brief presents a high-level quantitative analysis of agricultural risks in Ethiopia. The brief highlights the role agriculture plays in the economy, how the sector has grown, the major agricultural products, and the level of vulnerability. It also provides background information on the various forms of risks including production, market, and macro level risks.


The analysis reveals drought as the greatest agricultural risks in Ethiopia. Also, rising temperatures and erratic rainfall are some of the high-level risks the country faces. Since annual national averages are used, the brief does not present local and seasonal observations. The scope of the analysis is also limited by the lack of data for livestock products and the short-term data on commodity production and market prices in Ethiopia.

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Darryl Jones
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PARM (2016). Ethiopia Agricultural Risk Profile (by D. Jones). PARM Country Risk Profile #6. Rome: PARM/IFAD. Available at: