PARM Mid-Term Evaluation Report


PARM was launched in December 2013 in view of the outcomes from G8-G20 discussions on food security and agricultural growth. By August 2016, the Platform has engaged nine countries in the PARM Process, which is creating opportunities for stakeholders to generate and share ARM knowledge and capacities, and integrate best practices and tools into relevant policy frameworks.


This mid-term evaluation report provides an assessment of the strengths and weakness of the PARM process – including the methodology and its application at overall coordination and at country levels – from an independent external reviewer’s perspective. The findings of this evaluation are expected to contribute to improved efficiency of PARM and facilitate acceleration of the PARM process from August 2016 and beyond.

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Gross Gilroy Inc.
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PARM (2017) “PARM Mid-Term Evaluation Report”. A full programme review report prepared by the Gross Gilroy Inc., a management consultancy firm in Canada.