Cabo Verde – Agricultural Risk Assessment Study


Cabo Verde is a developing, archipelagic, dry country with erratic rains, intense soil erosion, little arable land and a high dependence on food imports. These characteristics mean that agricultural risk is very high. In 2013, agriculture employed about 22% of the country’s working population, and this figure reached 82% in rural areas. It is also important to note that rural areas are home to 35% of Cabo Verde’s population, of whom 72% are considered poor. This Agricultural Risk Management (ARM) Study report presents a comprehensive mapping of key agricultural risks in Cabo Verde through a holistic approach. It also provides data and information on priority risks and impacts as well as the existing policies and tools to improve agricultural risk management (ARM) in the country.

Conducted by:
António J. M. Baptista et Charles Yvon Rocha
In collaboration with:


Cabo Verde’s Ministry of Agriculture and the Environment (MAE)

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PARM (2019). Cabo Verde – Agricultural Risk Assessment Study – (By Baptista., A.J.M.  & Rocha., C.Y.). Rome: PARM/IFAD. Available at:…management-study/ ‎