Annual Report 2018


Since 2013, PARM has collaborated with partners across eight sub-Saharan African countries in a joint process to make agricultural risk management (ARM) an integral part of policy planning. The process led to the implementation of a number of activities at the country, regional and global level including risk assessments, feasibility studies, capacity development training, knowledge sharing and policy dialogue. This report presents these outcomes and achievement from these activities for the year 2018 looking back to the commencement of the process.


The report focuses specifically on PARM’s achievements in four broader areas: 1) enhancing risk assessment and bringing evidence to improve risk perception at the country level; 2) increasing awareness, strengthening capacities and building local expertise on ARM; 3) facilitating policy dialogue and leveraging investments on ARM; 4) promoting knowledge sharing, partnerships and innovations on ARM.


Read this report for more information on PARM annual progress in 2018.

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