Agricultural Risk Assessment Study in Ethiopia


Agriculture continues to represent a dominant share of Ethiopia’s economy, though its share of GDP has dropped from 52% in 2004/05 to 43% in 2013. The sector accounts for nearly 85% of exports and employs over 80% of the labour force. Effective management of identified agricultural risks is crucial to sustaining the sector’s productivity.


In 2016, PARM finalized a Risk Assessment Study (RAS) for Ethiopia. This report presents findings from the RAS. Specifically, it outlines the complete mapping and assessment of the agricultural risks identified in Ethiopia, the data and information on priority risks and impacts as well as the existing policies and tools to improve ARM in the country.

Conducted by:
Natural Resources Institute
University of Greenwich, United Kingdom
In collaboration with:

Agricultural Transformation Agency (ATA)

Ministry of Agriculture and Natural Resources (MANR)

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PARM (2016). Agricultural Risk Assessment Study in Ethiopia (Gideon E. Onumah). Rome: PARM/IFAD. Available at:…tudy-in-ethiopia/