Action Plan on Agricultural Risk Management (PAGRA) 2014-2023, Niger


On 16-18 January 2013, the Office of the High Commissioner for the Nigeriens Feed Nigeriens (HC3N) initiative and the World Bank organized a national workshop to present the findings of a World Bank study on agricultural sector risks and outline a risk management plan based on the measures proposed by the study.


To finalize the agricultural risk management plan and make it compatible with the 3N investment plan, a small working group was set up to analyse the workshop outcomes, complement and deepen the actions proposed and finalise the action plan for high priority interventions for the next 5 to 10 years. This document presents the present the main processes and conclusions of the working group.

HC3N & World Bank
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Office of the High Commissioner of Nigeriens feed Nigeriens (HC3N) initiative

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HC3N & World Bank (2014) “Action Plan on Agricultural Risk Management (PAGRA) 2014-2023, Niger“. Action plan developed by a working group with technical and financial assistance for the HC3N & World Bank.